Black Onyx's Benefits and Healing Properties

Black Onyx's Benefits and Healing Properties

Black Onyx

Protection. Healing. Harmony

The ancient Egyptians used black onyx to protect themselves from negative energy and bad dreams. It is also said that wearing a piece of black onyx can help one feel more confident, which might explain why many professional athletes wear the stone as an inexpensive and convenient way to reduce stress. The benefits don't stop there! Black onyx has been shown to improve moods and increase motivation levels while reducing anxiety. I'm sure you'll agree that these qualities are desirable for anyone trying to get ahead in life!

Black Onyx - A Powerful Stone To Get Ahead In Life


What is Onyx Stone?

Onyx is a black stone that has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. It was originally thought to be the fossilized tooth or claw from an animal, but today it is believed that most onyx comes from volcanic rock. Onyx can come in many colors, as well as different patterns and textures including banded, contorted, and spotted types. The rarest type of onyx can even have red bands!

Who Should Use Onyx Stone?

Whether you want to balance the energy in your surroundings, overcome grief, strengthen your mind and body, or boost your stamina, the Onyx stone can have a significant positive influence by giving you the energy and protection to achieve those goals.

Below are some situations that you need to use Onyx:

  • Your life is out of order, you feel overworked and exhausted from work. You need something to make you feel an intense sense of calm, clarity, creativity, focus and enhanced memory. As a result, Black Onyx supports you in making wise decisions in life and at work.
  • You or your love ones are suffering from an emotional attack, Onyx provides protection against negativity and unwanted energies from others which can help shield us from harmful psychic attacks or other negative influences
  • If you are fighting through tragedy, Black Onyx is the best healing stone for promoting self-healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Onyx is the most beneficial stone for Scorpio

Onyx brings out the best in Scorpios and renders them with an alluring charisma by eliminating out-of-balance energies. Most importantly, Onyx also plays a complementary role. Scorpio is often uncontrollable in its passions; Onyx gives balance and fortitude to that unchained spirit. To use the Onyx, place it inside your home or keep it close by wearing it in the form of amulets and bracelets.

What are Benefits of Onyx Stone?

Whether it is spiritual, mental, or physical, and external or internal, you can channel the powers of Onyx to bring improvement in every sphere of your personal and professional life.

Here are some of the impactful ways you can experience the benefits of wearing Onyx Bracelets

  • It eliminates grief and fog to give your mind clarity, it promotes high self-control, perseverance at wise decisions making abilities while enhancing happiness levels.
  • Onyx acts as a barrier, shielding you from negative energies and promoting positivity.
  • Onyx connects your inner self by refocusing energy and allows the balancing of thoughts or emotions which will give you strength when you need it most!
  • Onyx also gives you the strength to face your fears and reflect on your past, so you can keep moving forward in your life.

Onyx Bracelets is used to promote positivity and shield the wearer from negative energies. It is said to offer strength, hope, courage, wisdom and truth - making it an excellent choice for someone who may not be feeling their best on any given day!


Onyx’s Healing Properties

According to Chakras study, Chakras or ‘wheels’ are seven energy points that maintain the flow of physical and spiritual energy in our body. Black Onyx is a stone with powerful healing abilities because it unblocks Chakras by releasing built up negative energies from them while also stimulating their natural movement and balance--helping you feel recharged mentally as well as physically!

Learn more about Black Onyx other properties:

  • From channeling the energies of the Earth and the Moon to boosting leadership qualities, Onyx has great properties to serve your success at work
  • The wearer of the Onyx stone will experience strong self-belief, physical strength, emotional strength.
  • It also can help a person overcome grief and hardship and have a more positive attitude.


Onyx Bracelets and Its Collection


Onyx bracelets are among the many popular items in our collection. We have a variety of different styles that you can choose from, including gemstone beads and pendants with black onyx stones to lend an element of mystery. Each bracelet is made by hand so it's unique just like each person who wears one because they're all individuals too!

Elegante features a catalog of brilliant Onyx pieces for men. Each piece is designed to serve your intention, including onyx bracelets which are known as powerful symbols of protection and energy boosters.

Onyx Symbolism:

Chakras are the spiritual and physical energy points that connect to seven different organs in your body, Black Onyx functions as a Base Chakra, which associates with physical stability, security, self-sufficiency, and responsibility for self

Base Chakra ‘s Mantra is:

“I open myself to all possibilities and participate fully in life”


Zodiac Signs: Capricorn and Scorpion

Mystical Birthstone: December

Associations / Planet: Earth


Disclaimer: Metaphysical and alternative crystal healing are not professional medical practices and hence, are not backed by guarantees. The benefits of Agate as well as other gemstones are based on anecdotal evidence.



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