Jasper's Benefits and Healing Properties

Jasper's Benefits and Healing Properties


Calmness. Wholesomeness. Rejuvenation

Jasper is a stone with powerful, calming energies that promote tranquility and peace during life’s challenges. It also rejuvenates the mind and body to help you gain clarity of thoughts so you can get through even the most chaotic situations in your life without getting too overwhelmed.

Today we'll be giving you all sorts of tips on how Jasper can enhance your daily routine for increased calmness and happiness!


Jasper Stone and its story

The silvery-red Jasper is one of the most popular gemstones in history, used to adorn jewelry and protective amulets for centuries. It has been mentioned in Bible scriptures as a gift from God but also plays an important role in Asian cultures where it's believed that Jaspers can bring rain during dry seasons or cure diseases. The ancient Greeks wore them on their fingers so they could tell if someone was telling lies!


Who Should Use Jasper Stone?

Whether you are a business professional, someone who is interested in fashion or a health conscious individual, there's something for everyone! Jasper bracelet has been worn by men and women all over the world for centuries. It's an excellent accessory to spice up your look while also providing numerous benefits such as keeping you calm and grounded. With so many different styles of jasper bracelets out there, it's easy to find one that matches your style! 

If the information mentioned above is not enough, here’s what you should know about Jasper:

  • Jasper helps you make sense of the chaos in your life and find peace.
  • It will support you going through your problems by promoting wholesomeness and courage.
  • It will also keep your thoughts positive and provide you the strength to overcome challenges and emotional setbacks.


What are Benefits of Jasper Stone?

Jasper has been revered since ancient Egypt because it contains mystical powers like wholesomeness, serenity or warmth which enables people to persevere through hard times without getting discouraged while simultaneously providing health benefits such as renewed vitality when experiencing turmoil mentally or physically.

Moreover, Jasper brings your life back to order and offers you a way to become the best version of yourself by offering the following benefits:

  • Releases stress and toxins from your mind and body
  • Promotes calmness by balancing out your yin and yang
  • Stimulates your mind and clears it from negative thoughts


Jasper’s Healing Properties

The healing properties of jasper are many and varied. It has been used for centuries to calm, balance and heal oneself. Jasper carries the power of grounding your energy, clearing negativity from one's life, calming anger and balancing emotions.

Below is breakdown of many more Jasper’s healing properties:

  • It also encourages positivity by providing a sense of security and protection while releasing stress. This makes it perfect for those who are sensitive to energies around them or have difficulty with emotional well-being.
  • Jasper is said to enhance creativity and intuition as well as encourage prosperity on all levels: mental, physical and spiritual!


The Variety of Jasper

There are many colors and types of Jasper Stone. Each has multiple mystic properties and benefits. It can be difficult to decide which type is best for you, but luckily there’s a color or two out there that will suit your needs perfectly! Let us take the time to introduce you to some of our favorites:


  • Picasso Jasper 

Picasso Jasper mends relationships, attracts like-minded people to you, and rejuvenates lost connections.


  • Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper provokes a sense of nature and reminds you to face your hidden feelings. It is also known to aid in the treatment of skin disorders and kidney diseases.


  • Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a calming stone and can clear out any electromagnetic pollution or radiation around you. It helps you understand and solve complex situations and calms your emotions. It is said that Red Jasper assists in developing relationships with others while also helping people find their own voice.


  • Goldstone Jasper

The Goldstone Jasper is a protective stone that grounds your energy and enables you to control your emotions. It also promotes inner peace as well as strength during times where it's needed most


  • Zebra Jasper

The Zebra Jasper is known to carry contentment and compassion. It helps you face challenges and motivates you to take initiative.


Jasper Symbolism:

According to Chakras study, Chakras or ‘wheels’ are seven energy points that maintain the flow of physical and spiritual energy in our body. Jasper functions as a Base Chakra, which associates with physical stability, security, self-sufficiency, and responsibility for self

Base Chakra ‘s Mantra is:

“I trust that my instincts are correct, and I let my natural intuitive feelings guide me forwards.”


Zodiac Signs: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio

Planet: Mars

Elements: Fire


Jasper is the perfect stone for those looking to move forward in their life as it channels positive energies and improves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.



Disclaimer: Metaphysical and alternative crystal healing are not professional medical practices and hence, are not backed by guarantees. The benefits of Agate as well as other gemstones are based on anecdotal evidence.



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