Tiger Eyes Stone Benefits and Healing Properties

Tiger Eyes Stone Benefits and Healing Properties

Tiger Eyes

Protection. Wisdom. Confidence

Tiger eyes is a stone with many benefits and properties. The most popular being the gemstone's protective qualities. Tiger eyes are said to bring good luck, success, wealth, and happiness. It also has grounding properties that make it a great stone for meditation. When wearing tiger eye, you can foster clarity of thought as well as promote self-confidence and insightfulness. This natural stone is one of the oldest talismans known to man dating back thousands of years!

Want to learn more about this stone and what it can do for you? Let's dive into Tiger Eye’s benefits, properties, uses, and types.


What is Tiger Eyes Stone?

Tiger eye is one of the most popular stones in Africa, where it is believed to give protection against bad luck and negativity. In Ancient Egypt, tiger’s eye was associated with fire because it can change color depending on the lighting. It also had religious significance as a symbol of life-giving waters for the Egyptians because of its blue hue.  Tiger eye is most commonly yellow or gold with brown stripes; this patterning makes the stone resemble a tiger's eye., but no matter what color they have these gems will help you see clearly into your future by providing clarity and insightfulness when making decisions.

Who Should Use Tiger Eyes Stone?

The stone is popular around the world for its holistic protection, good luck and confidence-boosting properties. For instance, people who are always on the road or are having a difficult time at work, Tiger Eye helps keep them safe and enables them to progress in their professional life.             

Here are some of the situations you will need Tiger Eye stone:

  • Tiger Eye brings you good luck in your professional life and allows you to overcome any obstacles that are holding you back. 
  • If you or your love one often having a long drive, you may need a protective tool like Tiger Eye bracelet, because Tiger eye emits an energy that wards off negativity or evil spirit.
  • Not only will it help you feel more alert and energized, but tiger eye is also great for helping with depression and anxiety


What are Benefits of Tiger Eyes Stone?

Tiger Eye stones have the power to calm and direct your emotions so that you can feel confident in facing any problem. The stone also gives clarity when making decisions, allowing for improved focus on what is most important and practicality with how problems should be solved rather than being clouded by feelings of sadness or anger.


Other than that Tiger Eye stone also brings you following benefits:

  • Promotes practicality and improves your focus by removing the blur of emotions. It also brings you clarity to face problems and gives you the wisdom to make better decisions.
  • Tiger eyes are symbolized for fortune and protection. At the same time, it fights paranoia and issues of self-worth to grow your self-esteem.
  • More recently it is believed that this gemstone will bring peace, prosperity, health and love into your life!


Tiger Eyes Stone Healing Properties

The Tiger eyes stone is best for protection, good luck, and attraction. It assists its wearers carry out their tasks without fear and empowers them to succeed in their personal life and professional life.

In this part, we will continue to discover Tiger Eye’s properties:

  • Tiger eye is mostly associated with protection because it wards off negative energies that may be directed towards you as well as providing grounding energy which helps one maintain their sense of self-confidence while under stress.
  • Its grounding energy also helps you feel safe and secure.
  • Its soothing energy can be used to promote inner peace.


Tiger Eye Bracelets and Its Collection

The variety of Tiger Eye stones are perfect to adorn as jewelry and match with your outfit whenever you go out – whether for a date or any special occasion. These beautiful stones fitted in bracelets not only make you attractive, but they also offer you charm and good luck to make sure you have a perfect time out. More importantly, they carry blessings with them to wish you luck and wealthy.  


Here are the ways you will experience the benefits of the Tiger Eye in our collection:

  • Blue Tiger Eye

The Blue Tiger Eye is primarily known for its calming properties – it helps ease anxiety and releases stress. Moreover, it allows people to effectively control their anger.

  • Red Tiger Eye

The Red Tiger Eye is known for its power to spur energy. It fights lethargy, thus, making you feel more active and eager to take initiatives on your own.

  • Yellow Tiger Eye

The Yellow Tiger Eye is known for its healing and grounding properties. It helps build self-control and builds integrity. 



Tiger Eyes Symbolism:

According to Chakras study, Chakras or ‘wheels’ are seven energy points that maintain the flow of physical and spiritual energy in our body. Unblocking the Sacral Chakra, the Tiger Eye is a stone that often brings you abundance and fortune. It will help with understanding your desires, taking risks in life to get what you want, staying grounded during events of chaos or crisis, boosting creativity when matters seem stagnant.


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Planet: The Sun

Elements: Fire and Earth



Disclaimer: Metaphysical and alternative crystal healing are not professional medical practices and hence, are not backed by guarantees. The benefits of Agate as well as other gemstones are based on anecdotal evidence.



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